Art And Culture Tour

Morning Itinerary:

Alserkal Avenue:

  • Begin your day exploring Alserkal Avenue, known for its contemporary art spaces and creative hubs.
  • Visit various art galleries showcasing the work of local and international artists.
  • Participate in any ongoing workshops or events.
  • Enjoy a coffee at one of the avenue’s chic cafes.

Afternoon Itinerary:

Dubai Opera:

  • Move to the Dubai Opera, a radiant symbol of modern Dubai with its spectacular design.
  • Embark on a guided tour to understand the architectural brilliance and history of the venue.
  • If possible, catch a matinee show or explore the exhibition spaces.
  • Enjoy a delightful lunch at one of the restaurants in the vicinity.

Evening Itinerary:

Theatre of Digital Art:

  • Conclude your day at the Theatre of Digital Art, where art, sound, and scent amalgamate to offer a mesmerizing experience.
  • Explore digitized versions of renowned artworks, complemented by thematic music and fragrances.
  • Dive into the immersive displays, bridging the gap between classic art and modern technology.
  • Opt for a quiet dinner within the Theatre's premises, enveloped by this enchanting atmosphere.