The Pointe at Palm Jumeirah: Culinary & Entertainment Haven

At The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, you're invited to a destination where every moment is an occasion, and every spot is a stage for unforgettable memories. Here, the gentle whispers of the ocean blend seamlessly with the lively rhythms of entertainment and gastronomic wonders, crafting an ambiance that tantalizes your senses.

A Culinary Journey Beside the Waves

Venture into a world where each dish tells a story and every aroma leads to a new journey. The Pointe plays host to a myriad of restaurants and cafes, each providing a unique culinary voyage, from authentic local delights to exotic international cuisines, all set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the tranquil sea.

Entertainment That Enchants

Dazzling Shows: Bask in a spectrum of lights and melodies with the captivating shows.

Shopping Extravaganza: Traverse through a plethora of shops offering local and international brands.

Vibrant Nightlife: Engage with the lively rhythms of night, with bars and lounges offering a plethora of experiences.

Children's Wonder: Ensure the little ones are equally mesmerized with dedicated entertainment zones and activities.

Breathtaking Views at Every Turn

Amidst the feast and festivity, let the soothing vistas of the ocean be your constant companion. Whether you’re dining al fresco, embarking on a leisurely stroll, or simply soaking in the ambiance, the serene views of the water ensure a picturesque experience at every moment.

Create Your Story at The Pointe

From the echo of laughter at family dinners to the whisper of romantic walks beside the gentle waves, your experiences at The Pointe are more than mere visits; they are stories being woven into the rich tapestry of memories. Join us, and let’s create tales that will be cherished for lifetimes.

The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, seamlessly weaves the culinary, the scenic, and the entertaining into a destination that is more than a visit—it’s an experience. Whether a resident or a traveler, your chapter in the story of The Pointe awaits to be written.